Thursday, July 25, 2013

Runway on the Water

Uncle Sam's had a great time supporting Seven Chances Inc's Runway on the Water fashion show. The runway show featured looks from Uncle Sam's Buffalo. Check out some photos from the event:

Buffalo CEO Robert Geist with a model from the show

Friday, July 12, 2013

Movie Magic at Uncle Sam's

Over the years, USANO has provided costumes for countless movies and photoshoots. Recently, the costume designer for Still Seas came in to shop for boots, coveralls, disheveled army gear, and various props for the film. We can't wait to see it!

Buffalo Criterium Racing Series

Cyclists competing in the Buffalo Criterium Racing Series sped by USANO as they completed the race. Check out these amazing photographs by Terry Wheary.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet the Man Behind Uncle Sam's Buffalo, NY

Biz Journal sat down with Robert Giest, who run the show at our Buffalo location. 
If you’ve been to a movie lately that has someone dressed in military or police garb, chances are good the costumes came from Buffalo.
The entertainment and film industry has grown to represent more than 20 percent of sales at Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters, helping the company expand its presence to a worldwide audience.
Uncle Sam’s provided authentic uniforms and equipment sourced from military surplus from 26 different countries for such movies as “Resident Evil,” “Moonrise Kingdom” and “The Thing,” as well as superhero movies “Batman” and “The Incredible Hulk.”
Robert Geist, whose family owns the business, said Uncle Sam’s delivers authentic fashion.
“We are the real McCoy,” he said. “We’re the authentic items and we stick to that – being authentic, true finds. People who shop in our stores really find unique items and it makes their wardrobe – and makes themselves – unique because of what we’re selling, and also fun.”
You’ll find Uncle Sam’s on a sidestreet in the Larkin District just off Exchange Street, in a 500,000-square-foot building marked with flags. Inside you’ll find rack after rack of military garb, equipment and accessories from around the world in a 25,000-square-foot retail store, which is set to expand to an adjacent 15,000 square feet.
The place also houses camping and outdoor gear – some new, some used. There’s a bit of a musty smell here, but that only bolsters the feeling that you have stumbled into a military outpost.
Thirty percent of sales come from the local retail business, as well as sales from stores in Toronto and New York City. The remaining 50 percent comes from online sales and wholesale business. About 18 of the company’s 50 employees work at the Buffalo site.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gearing up for 'The BASH' Buffalo NY 2013 by N

Gearing up for 'The BASH'

Gearing up for ‘The BASH’by: Newell Nussbaumer

This Friday marks the 15th year since the Red Cross hosted its first MASH Bash. Each year thousands of people get dressed up in military attire in order to attend the event, which is held under a massive tent at the corner of Delaware and Summer. All things considered, The BASH attracts a larger percentage of costumed characters than just about any other event in the city (not counting Halloween). Obviously there are a lot of people who have an affinity for the MASH movie and TV show... but to dress up like a MASH character? What makes the event such an attraction for people to don military get-ups, drag queen outfits, nurses uniforms and the like? I figured that I would ask the man behind many of the outfits - Rob Geist, owner of Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters headquartered in the Larkin District. From Rob:

"It's been 15 years since the Red Cross 'BASH' party first started in October of 1998.  Back then it was still called the 'Red Cross MASH Bash' and was held in army tents with about 75 attendees.  At the time the event was a mixed Americana and MASH 4077 theme that started with a tribute to our veterans.

"After many years of changes and a shifting of the event to start the summer off (instead of freezing with winter creeping up), each year gets better and better as the creativity and costumes become more intricate.

"From Radar O' Reilly to MacArthur to British commandos (there were a couple there last year) you have to keep your eyes open and take a moment to play 'Spot-The-Celebrity-Look-Alike'.  Almost everyone that arrives in costume (and it's highly recommended to get the full 'BASH' experience) has made a stop to one of Buffalo's venerable landmarks: Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters at 290 Larkin St.  There the friendly staff of costuming experts assist in getting just the right look for everyone, no matter what the desired style may be.

"Each year the celebration is bigger and bigger.  You don't want to miss out on Buffalo's biggest party - especially when all the proceeds go to the local Red Cross - and you certainly don't want to get caught not in uniform!"

If you're heading to The BASH, and you're at a loss for a military-themed costume, check out this link that will take you on an online tour of the country's largest Army Navy warehouse, located right here in Buffalo, NY.

To learn more about The BASH, click here.